SEO Marketing Strategy
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Do you know that around 81% of users perform online research before making a bulk purchase? In addition, 57% of B2B marketers claim that SEO marketing generates more leads than other marketing tactics.

These facts give us an idea about why we need to understand what is SEO marketing and what components make a perfect and effective SEO marketing strategy.

What is SEO Marketing?

The term SEO marketing refers to the promotion of any webpage via various search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, which ultimately leads you to increase traffic and visibility on organic results of search engines.

An effective marketing strategy consists of various components, on which an SEO expert should focus to get the best results.

5 main components of an effective SEO marketing strategy

Here we have describes 5 basic components of an SEO marketing Strategy

#1 Keyword

Keyword is the soul of search engines and as we all know everything is related to the keyword because it is the word, which users put in the search bar, and if your website page is optimized with this keyword, your page will crawl up high.

To choose the most effective keyword you must conduct keyword research which is the basic and crucial function of SEO marketing.

You can take the help of the Google Adwords Keyword tool and get the competitive status of the specific keyword and formulate your SEO marketing strategy accordingly.

#2 Meta Tags

Meta Tags play a secondary but prominent role in SEO marketing because whenever a keyword is being searched, search engines look for those titles and descriptions which consist of the specific keyword and if they find the website as the most relevant to the keyword, they crawl it on high.

For metatags optimization, you must optimize your targeted keyword artistically in the title and description.

#3 Content

Content is considered as the blood of SEO marketing, only qualitative content leads you to high and also it builds a positive and reliable user experience which ultimately becomes a cause of your SEO marketing success and increase conversion rate with higher sales.

You must draft an appealing content that is written in a creative way and reflects the message of your brand.

#4 Backlinks

If the content is blood then backlinks are the nerve system as it helps your website to get the most relevant traffic and build a trustworthy image in front of Google and other users.

No matter how many backlinks are there for your page but it’s all about how many qualitative links point to your website effectively. For qualitative backlinks, you can coordinate with the bloggers and news websites in your niche.

#5 Social Media

Social media is the most prominent influencer nowadays even if it can make you popular overnight.

It is the most important component of an SEO marketing strategy in which you must ensure your powerful presence on every social media channel i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Create the most relevant and appealing post and post it on social media at the right time.

It will increase engagement of your website with your customers and viewers and also send positive signals to search engines about your credibility and popularity.


Whenever you are going to formulate your SEO marketing strategy, you must consider each of the above-mentioned points on priority and draft the most effective and influencing SEO marketing campaign to meet your predetermined goals.

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