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Types of content writing services for your online business.

Creating and publishing content on a new blog or online business website feels exhilarating.

You decide to write content on your own or hire a freelance content writer to take care of it, the creation process of content determines the direction your online business moves in.

You need relevant and quality content for your online business website to keep it fresh and to keep your subscribers happy. But not all write-ups are the same.

An article or blog post written by an SEO content writer will be vastly different from a newspaper or magazine article writer.

So, when you are planning to hire a freelance content writer for your online business, you need to first figure out what type of content you are looking for.

You would want search engines to reward your website and expect the traffic. If you know about Search engine optimization, you would also eagerly wait for the monthly website visitors to boost your sales fast.

But before you get ahead of yourself, you need to learn about content strategy.

Writing or creating content is more than just ensuring your content writer produces enough content material for regular updates.

It is a new way to tackle this challenge. Content strategy represents an inclusive concept.

Among other things, Content strategy ensures optimal SEO performance from the created content and aligns your objectives with the streamlines the entire content creation process.

The primary goal of a content writer is to ensure an all-round impact on your customers, website’s visitors, etc.

Here we are going to discuss in detail different types of content writing services for your online business.

SEO Content Writing:

Search engine optimizatio (SEO) is integral to running a successful business online. SEO is one of the most efficient way to increase website traffic without major investment.

All SEO Content writers need to include keywords in the content but that should not be at the cost the quality. Content

writers need to have a proper knowledge of the concept of SEO. Don’t include bunch of keywords as it will instantly raise a huge red flag. Keywords should be blended naturally.

Content writing is one of the most important part of SEO. Sometimes referred to as SEO content writing. It is also optimised for search engines.

Such content has to be unique, original, relevant, and of high-quality and contain the information that the user is looking for.

This type of content displayed at top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when a user searches for the appropriate keywords.

It is the driving force behind improving your website quality, generating organic traffic and boosts your online business.

If you hire a freelance content writer, make sure that they offer SEO content writing services.

Business Writing:

Business writing is chiefly used in corporate and it has many similarities with communication and marketing writing. Be it monthly report, official email, or memorandums, Business writing covers them all.

If you choose to do business writing, you must know how to write official emails, sales proposals, concept papers, summaries, memos, manual writing, RFPs (request for proposal), etc.

It is a form of writing which is mainly used by professionals working in an organization.

Business writing should be jargon free, simple, and easy to read. You don’t need to show your writing skills while writing an official email.

Business writing should be jargon free, simple and easy to read. If you do business writing, you can acquire knowledge in business development and analysis.

Communication and Marketing Writing:

Writing for the communication and marketing industry can be one of the most challenging type of content writing.

Social media content, Articles, newsletters, blog posts, e-books, internal & external communications, audio & video content, email content campaign, and marketing collateral, such as brochures, company profiles, flyers, product descriptions are some of the write-ups you have to create in this industry.

The target of communication and marketing articles is not only to draw customers to a specific type of writing, but also to compel audiences in taking some desired action.

The article and blog posts written for marketing are different from the ones written in SEO content writing. A lot of research among the customers is conducted before developing this kind of content.

The content writers should regularly communicate for writing marketing content. Marketing content is very descriptive in nature.

Technical Writing:

As the name suggests, It is is no everybody’s cup of tea. This type of content writing is needed in consumer electronics, computer hardware, robotics, chemistry, computer software, biotechnology, engineering, and aeronautics.

Technical content is developed for user documents, user manuals, help files, technical modules, admin manuals, technical literature & reports and so on. The purpose of technical content writing is to write complex information in a simple format.


This type of writing is one of the most interesting type of content writing. Copywriting is also a very competitive and demanding field.

It can be of various types, one thing remains constant and that is endless creativity. The copywriting category is in itself a very vast one.

With this, I have come to the end of my discussion on different types of content writing services for your online business.

You must have realized that you need to find the content writing category which interests you, before you can choose to hone your skills in it.

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